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Vague Terrain Chris Johanson, Marria Pratts, Amy Yao, Alex Knost, Colin T McElroy, Oliver Clegg, Alrik Yuill, Peter Hurley, Ford Archbold, Danilo Parra, Sarah Coenen Dwyer, Brendan Sepe, Teresa O'Connor, Andrew Doheny, Marie Ely, Bradlee Coleman, Meredith Ambruso, Daniella FM • Oct 27 - Dec 17, 2020

Vague terrain is a metaphysical realm - of the mind, nature, time and causality. Mal du pays. The groundless sadness called forth in a person's heart by a pastoral landscape. Vague terrain, liminal, transitional space traversing fact and feeling, and in which nature functions as a reflex.

Country pain, the mode. The sublime in crisis. The immensity and turbulence of Nature and human responses to it. Reactions of a kind of pleasurable terror, a percolating disenchantment; everything, including what is useless and even what is noxious, can grow, proliferate and despair.

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